Debug Smart Contracts Inside Your Favorite IDE

A powerful, intuitive symbolic Solidity debugger inside Visual Studio Code.

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Features you've been waiting for

VSCode Integration
Integrates effortlessly into Visual Studio Code, providing a powerful, native debugging experience within your preferred development environment.
Built-in Formal Verification
Explore every possible execution path with Simbolik’s cutting-edge symbolic execution, uncovering hidden edge cases and ensuring robust code coverage.
Simbolik stays ahead of the curve by consistently updating to support the latest Solidity and EVM versions, keeping your development tools modern and effective.
Designed for developers, Simbolik streamlines the debugging process with an intuitive workflow that simplifies smart contract development from start to finish.

Why Simbolik?

At Runtime Verification, our team identified a need for advanced Solidity debuggers during security engagements. Existing options lacked the intuitive interface of traditional breakpoint-style debugging and the depth of symbolic execution.

To address this, we developed Simbolik, a Symbolic Solidity Debugger. Simbolik is tailored to simplify the use of advanced quality assurance techniques in Computer Science.


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